FalmouthGetsOut's mission is to be the most comprehensive place for finding every opportunity to GET OUT and enjoy Falmouth.  This site, unlike others, is 100% dedicated to Falmouth with only Falmouth listings published in the free listing sections (Eat, Stay, Explore, Enjoy, Shop and Local Directory).  Events and organizations outside of Falmouth can advertise in the paid advertising sidebars.  (See advertising section below.)  By being highly focused, serving only our community, we strive to be fully comprehensive, and be your Best source for what's going on in Falmouth.

The sections below explain how you can get the most out of the Site as an individual or organization, as well as how to add and edit your own listing, advertise your business (Falmouth location not required), and Contact Us.

Getting the most out of the Site requires registration.  Registered users get many priveleges and is the Sites primary defense against robots littering the Site with SPAM advertising.  We have tried to make registration quick and easy, and of course, free.  Registered Users can vote, enter comments about businesses and events, create free listings, advertise on the Site, edit their own listing at any time, and receive the Site newsletter (optional).

In order to stop spam, ALL new Event Listings must be approved by the site adminstrator, so plan accordingly.  Approval usually takes less than 24 hours.

Create an Account and enjoy the benefits of a Registered User

Follow these three steps:  (1) Click the Log In button in the top right hand corner.  (2) Click the "I want to create an account button" (3) Provide a Username, Password and Email address, and then click the "Create new account" button.  Your done!  Now you can create your own listings, stay informed, and comment on events and organizations... what's your favorite restaurant?  Add a comment to their listing and give it your vote.

Add an Organization Listing

Follow these four steps:  (1) Log in with your Username and Password.  (2) Click the Add Organization button. (3) Fill in the information boxes for your organization.  You can include an organization description, a link to your website, an image, brochure or menu, plus a lot more.  We have tried to provide everything you need to properly market your organization and its events to our thousands of Users.  (4) Click Save at the bottom.

(Note:  The site Administrator has created some organization listings.  If your organization is one of these, you can take control of your organization's listing by creating a new, second organization listing with your wording and images.  This will allow you to add and edit content of the new listing you created at any time. The site administrator will then delete his listing when your listing is approved.)

Add an Event

Follow these four steps:  (1) Log in with your Username and Password.  (2) Click the Add Event button. (3) Fill in the information boxes for your activity.  You can include an activity description, a link to your website, an image, brochure or menu, or an MP3 file for musical activities, and a lot more.  We have tried to provide everything you need to properly market your activity to our thousands of Users.  (4) Click Save at the bottom.

(Note:  Every activity must have a sponsor organization that is registered with the Site.  If your organization is not listed in the dropdown menu of registered organizations, Click the Add Organization button to add your organization.  If you are an individual posting a yard sale, use the organization name "Individual (Private)"  in the dropdown menu.  

The Enjoy (Events) page is a free community resource for residents and visitors to find fun, educational and entertaining things to do in Town. If the administrator of the Site feels an events does not meet this general criteria, it will not be published for free.  Organization marketing events can be advertised on the Site for a fee.  Please read the Advertise Section below, and the Terms and Conditions for more information.)

Edit a listing

All listings can be edited by the creator of the listing at any time.  Log in, click on the event or organization listing you created.  An Edit tab will appear above the listing.  (It only appears for the listing's creator.)  Click on the Edit tab.  Make your changes.  Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Advertise.  Reach thousands of local Users that access the Site.

Get your ad in front of thousands of people looking for activities and organizations in and around Falmouth for less than $2.00 a day!  The Site has advertising "billboards" on the right sidebar of each page, The billboards create a srong presence on every page a User selects.  Your ad will be in full color, with a bold header, image, short description that links to the detailed information with a click, and more...  The ad will appear in full color, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 15 days, with thousands of impressions, and costs $29.95. or less than $2.00/day.  Web advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience.

You can advertise two ways.  (1) Advertise an event or organization listing that you have already created.  Log in, click on your listing, and then click on the green menu bar "click here to purchase an ad for this listing". Or (2) Create a new advertisement listing.  Organization listings are used to create ads of any type.  The title of your ad is placed in the Organization name box.  Place your advertising message in the description section, add images, links to your website or Facebook page, upload a file, and more. When done, click Save.  A green menu bar at the top of the page will appear: "Click here to purchase an ad for this listing."  Your full color ad will appear on the date you choose for 15 days, reaching the thousands of local users of the Site.

If you would like to advertise again.  Log in and click the green Advertise button.  All of your listings and prior ads will appear.  Find the listing you want to advertise and simply click the green "Advertise Listing".  Not ready to advertise yet?  Create your ad and save it.  It will be available at any time by clicking the green Advertise button.

Contact Us

Contact us via email by completing the form below and clicking the Submit button, or call us at 508-444-8678.

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