The Carousel of Light & Commemorative Art by Karen Rinaldo

Artwork by Karen Rinaldo will be on display at the Gallery at FCTV from June 9 through July 3. The public is invited to a reception on Sunday, June 9, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm. Karen Rinaldo hails from Central Massachusetts. Her art studies include The Worcester Art Museum with Robert Douglas Hunter and Cape Cod Conservatory with watercolorist Claude Crooney. Karen started her art business in Falmouth in 1972. One of the first organizations she joined was the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce. Since then Karen serves on six Boards and two committees, and is co-owner of “The Gallery on Main” in Falmouth. Historic themed subjects have been woven throughout Karen’s work and in 1995 she was commissioned to create the first historically accurate painting of the first Thanksgiving in 1621. The painting was on exhibit in Plimoth Plantation for twenty years. The Falmouth Historical Society was recently given a loan agreement for the “First Thanksgiving 1621” to be displayed through 2021. Karen feels that it is the responsibility of authors and artists to render historic subjects with a sensitive hand yet unabashed manner of translation as close to truth possible. “These moments we capture, dissect and portray can be an intense and lengthy process. It is all about the process,” she explains. “Cape Cod is a special place and its timeless quality is one of the reasons people love it,” says Karen. Another timeless American icon, the carousel, is the subject of 18 watercolors that are part of Karen’s show. The pieces were created as illustrations for the book “The Horses Took Flight - A Cape Cod Carousel Story,” a community-based project printed by New Wave Printing & Design, Inc. The first run of books is scheduled for summer release and will be available to residents of Falmouth and supporters of this very special merry-go-round memory. A portion of the proceeds from any sales of the watercolors in the show will benefit the Carousel of Light to help with the maintenance and restoration of the hand-carved wooden horses. Karen’s work ethic is best explained in this quote: “I pride myself in the discipline I imposed early on. Somehow I knew it would take just about every moment of every day to accomplish what needed to get done. The funny thing is, there is no formula other than just plain hard work and believing in what you are doing. That was my philosophy then and it still is.” Gallery Exhibit Hours: Sunday 12-8 pm; Monday, 2-10 pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10 -10 pm; Friday 10-6 pm; Saturday, Closed.
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